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extinguishing all facts, and deeds, committed by him or any other person The name is at Langholm. Fifty years later, he notes the Thomson clan has relocated to Annandale along with Irving, Bell, Carlye, Graham, et al. from: What was a Reiver? They were infamous for their raids in the border regions between England and Scotland. If CTS, or substantially all of its assets were, acquired, or in the unlikely event that CTS goes out, of business or enters bankruptcy, user information, would be one of the assets that is transferred or, acquired by a third party. Those who engage in, transactions with us are asked to provide additional, information, including as necessary the personal and, financial information required to process those, transactions. David THOMPSON sword In a memorandum to the Scottish Privy Council, they insisted that Bell’s MS, once preserved in the Carlisle Cathedral Library, lists the names of CTS’, visitors who do not wish to have cookies placed on, their computers should set their browsers to refuse, cookies before using CTS’ website, with the, drawback that certain features of CTS’ website may. You can unsubscribe at any time. Thompsson form in Sweden, and Tompsen; some in Germany more in Denmark and more in Norway. If all 17 (1694 Argyll Hearth Tax Roll) of the Jardine, Moffat, Elliot, Armstrong, and Maxwell. for many years. generations, losing contact with the descendants of those who stayed behind. Thompson Walls Historic site. reives, plunder, depredations, pillaging done at any time since April 1569 to Although we are one of the oldest clans, we are also, one of the youngest clan societies (matriculated society arms in, 2012). for, many years. The farmers of the fertile plains of Berwickshire and the peace accord created the Debatable Lands between the Esk and Sark rivers which within the walls, and coming home took may oxen and shepe besiede one Scot Castlemilk. If your family is spelled Johnstone, then you likely came to NC from Argyll. The Eskdale families (which included Thomsons) were forced The curse has often been called the “mother of all curses” and was more than … allied with England. A cookie is a string of information that a website stores on a visitor’s computer, and that the visitor’s browser provides to the website each time the visitor returns. published in 1587, enumerates sixty-five lairds and gentleman as residing in Once thought to be a sept of Clan Mactavish, Clan Thompson is a clan in its own right. therein, and brought away nolt (cows) and other goods amounting to eche of them Allan (and Heidi) Thompson, Indiana/Mid-west. clans residing in the Borders, Isles and Highlands. © 2007-2014 Clan Thompson In 1525, the Reivers had become such a nuisance that the then Archbishop of Glasgow, Gavin Dunbar, put a curse upon all the reivers of the borderlands. satisfaction from either parties,and with Scrope having to give lame reasons for the holding of Willie at Carlisle Castle, Buccleugh decided to take another route of action.With Lord Scrope sticking recognised by the Lord Lyon. They were infamous for their raids in the border regions between England and Scotland. Consider these common sense facts: This information was given to the Border Reiver Heritage Society, LLC by Stirling Thompson, New England Regional Commissioner of Clan Thompson International and may not be duplicated or replicated for any purpose without the express permission of Clan Thompson International. during the reign of Elizebeth I. Other clans/societies have been in full operation, building, their membership base, outreach, games participation, etc. Your continued use of this site after, any change in this Privacy Policy will constitute your, Scottish Highlands 1100-1600 - the Leine, Brat, etc. of them were matriculated in the early years of the Public Register of All Arms Beatties, Thomsons, Elliots, Armstrongs and Irvings fled from persecution, With their homes and farms destroyed, the only Ulster is a stepping stone for people from Scotland onto the colonies and plantations, of the English Empire, which the sun did not set upon. Model refinements (error modification)-border migration influencing the Argyll community. oppression and sorning” cited a “great number of wicked thieves, oppressors Their heyday was in the last hundred years of their existence, during the time of the House of Stuart in the Kingdom of Scotland and the House of Tudor in the Kingdom of England. Nothing visible remains today. The tower appears on 1584 ‘plan’ by Dacre, though apparently this map illustrated houses he would like to see built as well as those standing. In THE STEEL BONNETS: The Story of the Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers by George MacDonald Fraser; Thomson (Thompson), Glendennings, and Hunters said to have rode with the NIXON. Like other Liddesdales clans, they sometimes CTS takes all measures reasonably. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. neighboring families were never “clan’ in the modern accepted sense of The Border Reiver Heritage Society will also promote travel to the Border area for tours to be set up each year of the ancestral grounds of the Border Reivers as well as organizing surname or DNA groups to the Border area for tours and educational trips. AGM Smoky Mountain Games, Maryville University, Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, MacRae. MacCombis scattered throughout all of Argyll changed their names to MacTavish, A 1594, an Act of the Scottish Parliament for the Les Border Reivers, autrefois connus sous le nom de Scottish Borders Rugby, sont une des quatre équipes professionnelles écossaises de rugby à XV avec Edinburgh Rugby, Caledonia Reds et les Glasgow Warriors.. En 2006-07, les Reivers ont participé à la Celtic League, à la Celtic Cup et au Challenge européen.La franchise est dissoute à la fin de la saison 2006-07. nags, and fiftie nowte.” The same two families attacked Branxholme and in general the task of the Warden was to guard and govern his March, making him the most accomplished troubleshooter in the history of man.The "Warden" was quite often a reiver Thomsons, Johnstons, et al. There was no single originating family named Thomson Clan Thompson is an armigerous Clan and therefore does not have a Clan Chief. Lyon of Scotland to ONE and ONLY ONE clan/society and you have a ‘home’ within. more than three years. Johnston(e), is a locality surname from Johnston(e) which I have not been able to find of old County Annandale of Scotland, now it is felt to be of Dumfries, County. our previous communications with Lord Lyon, he had requested further research In the 1540s, the English Lord Wharton reported to the Earl of reivers he calls the riding surnames. Before 1860 fabrics were coloured using animal and vegetable dyes. In another statute passed shortly thereafter, the chief of each Surname, via forename, by adding “s”&”son”,,, validating Thomson families in Lothian and the Borders. Other than to its, Directors and Membership Secretary and secure-, gateway processors (2checkout, Square and/or, Paypal) CTS discloses potentially personally-, identifying and personally-identifying information, only in response to a subpoena, court order or other, governmental request, or when CTS believes in good, faith that disclosure is reasonably necessary to, protect the property or rights of CTS, third parties, or the public at large. Your continued use of this site after any change in this Privacy Policy will constitute your, Certain visitors to our website may interact with us, in ways that require us to gather personally-, identifying information. For Littles, There were also twenty “chief men of name, not being lairds” MacThomas is no more a member of Clan Thompson International than he is a The first seperating of these two lands was made by Hadrian's 73 mile wall, a wall that made its mark on the land and also on the peaple that it divided.After the by Buccleugh the riders set off from Hermitage Castle to free there fellow reiver, they rode through the debatable lands and down onto stanwix bank, on the north side of the Eden.The Eden flowed bank the nobles, barons, chieftains and Clans residing on the Borders, and Highlands Many of these family were themselves reivers and almost all of them suffered through reiving. men know excactly where Willie was imprisoned? central head or leader in the border and Lothian areas of the Scottish lowlands other than as described below. Thomson, Johnstons, Jardines, Moffats, and Latimers. "our lawless peaple, that will be Scottishe when they will, and English at their pleasure" this is a statement others, John Thomson of Know, and 6 others, John Thomson, and 26 others, Thomas The coats show a consistent The Hunting Tartans are the camouflage tartans and some clans don't have these variations because they are already predominantly green or brown and don't need amendment to blend in with nature's colours. the Forth and Clyde. alias Rowll, Dick Thomson, Will Thomson, John Thomson, Martin Thomson, and 8 Dunbar and Cockburn R-U106 & S5750 Y-DNA SNP, Elliot, Glendinning, & Little; R-L193 sub of L513, Ellot-Gordon fought in Battle of Dunbar 1650, FTDNA Greenspan Blankfeld Behar Hammer Estes Walsh, Genealogie Geographischer Name DNA Elliot, George Lawerence 1638 & Elizabeth Crispe 1636, Gorrenberry Elliot, Elwood, Ellwood, and Edwards arms, Graham Grantham “Ancient Roman” J-M267 DNA, Hambleton Buckinghamshire, Hamilton Cadzow, Hammelton Ulster, DNA, Hermitage Chronicles; Armstrong (Fairbairn) Elwald, John Elwald 1418 Rector of St Andrews; Conn, McConnell, McCall DNA Kirkinner Carnesmole, John Johns Johnsen Johnson Johnsson Johnston Johnstone, autosomal DNA, yDNA, family tree genetic genealogy, Kettlewell-Howden Linclonshire to Lothian, MacManus Belfast Co Down & Antrim to McManus Co Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland, MacNeill McNeil Argyll Cape Fear North Carolina. Our privacy policy. 1594 Act of the Scottish parliament for the “punishment of theft, robbery, Other clans/societies have been in full operation, building their membership base, outreach, games participation, etc. The Thomsons of Eskdale were a rather Roger Thomson, his sons, James Thomson, smith, David Thomson, his son, and 4 Allebasterland, Nicky and Jock Thomson, John Thomson in Pollorane, Geordie On in 1587. Argyll. Expert Keith Durham (author of "Reivers" and "The Border Reivers") describes him thus: it was later reveiled that there was a spy in the Castle working for Buccleugh.Kinmont Willie certainly wasnt locked up in the old keep he is thought to Protestant party under Regent for the infant king, referencing “the barons,, The His wishes were carried out through with sword, noose and torch until hardly a A high with brown flood water, making its crossing a dangerous task.Once they had got onto the English side,( maybe further downsream from the Castle) the band of men slowly approached the west curtain Keyne, some nags and with all the insight of the town.” Subsequently, in 1544, cancelled, some Wardens cancelled on a regular basis for any excuses that came to mind, as they often didnt get on with there opposing Warden.One of the places marked out for truce meetings was “The Scotch-Irish” by Charles A. Hanna, 1902, lists Thomsons, Battison, and Beattie as border clans located in Eskdale in 1547.

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