toyota highlander brake issues

Overall, Toyota has an excellent record for improving its vehicles as issues arise, and the Highlander is no exception. He acted very interested in obtaining my insurance claim info, etc, until I told him I wasn’t the least bit interested in suing, but rather wanted Toyota to be aware of the problem to avoid a more serious accident, perhaps involving a pedestrian at a cross walk. I'll be checking with the dealer at my next visit, but wanted feedback from the group as to whether this is "normal" or an acknowledged problem. They are often covered with a small protective boot. It is advisable to have your brakes repaired as soon as possible. There is most definitely a difference between the way the hybrid brakes act in an emergency situation under 25 mph versus over 25 mph! The dealer did the test drive and agrees that this is something which needs to be fixed. All I know is that I have had this same "gap" in braking many times as I approach a stop and hit a small bump. I agree with Paracletos that the braking problem has little or nothing to do with bumps inthe road. I am noticing a little "gap" in the brakes when I am slowing down and just as the ICE kicks off. There are plenty of other issues that can cause the steering wheel to wobble. This, is dangerous in itself. Ordinarily, a driver would be notified of low brake fluid levels via a warning light on the instrument panel. I was naive enough to think that they would want to know about this problem for the safety of others who are adjusting to this unique hybrid braking system. There was no skid - just a small bump, then the momentary release allowing the vehicle to reduce stopping force. This will cause your Highlander to have squeaky brakes. sandy road condition, wet road, one or more wheel skid, etc. Toyota took the problems seriously, and engine problems with models after 2013 are few and far between. We're finally recognizing that consumer-generated media--which would include this board--is rich with content that is important to us, particularly as it relates to our customers, products and brand image. If you do, can you please share? How Reliable is the Toyota Highlander Hybrid? I was also in a situation prior to this accident where I was travelling around 35 mph and had to slam on the brakes for an emergency stop, and was actually amazed that I did stop in such a short distance. You can also call Toyota Customer Service at 1-800-331-4331. A majority of those complaints are related to brakes issues. All Rights Reserved. Two things: in a true emergency your car is equipped with sensors that know you are pushing harder than normal on the brake and will boost the braking power higher than usual, the surge or brake gap will not happen in an emergency, in fact vehicle will stop more quickly. I thought I had slipped off of the brake. 8L90E Specs, Performance, and Identification, TH400 Transmission Specs, ID, and Common Problems, Toyota Fortuner Troubleshooting: Shakes When Braking, Toyota Rav4 Troubleshooting: Shakes When Braking, Chevy Impala: Brake Lights Stuck On → Diagnosis. Loose wheels will react to brake pressure and vibrate the steering wheel under braking. Highlander Brake Sensor Needs to be Reconnected Posted on October 22, 2016 Source . That problem … I'm disappointed with Toyota for the first time since purchasing the vehicle. PainRank™ is a relative complaint analysis of the the 122 owner complaints sent to over 15 model years. This is due to ABS activation, but the initial action of ABS is simply to disable regen. I'm more convinced than ever that the problem of "slide" as you call it (and I'm thinking that you are not talking about a wheel "skid") is the same as the "slippage" feel I've referred to in my previous blog post. I slammed on my hybrid's brakes, and they did not catch. I've noticed this "surge" only a few times when I've been coasting towards a light or stop sign and the car seems to hit a slight bump in the road - but only when it hits a bump or other obstacle like a tiny pothole. This could be contributing the surge. You're onto something there. We are experiencing this as well but randomly, not consistent and not often. Toyota is recalling roughly 7,100 Highlander crossovers from the 2016 model year to address a problem that could diminish the vehicle's braking power. In trying to determine the exact area of concern when experiencing brake slide, I guess the only way to explain this actual slide as opposed to perceived slide, is to say that when a vehicle slows or stops as we would expect 97% of the time when going down the road or approaching a stop--but then when you expect your brakes to do their job and they all of a sudden don't slow or react as you have come to expect--there is a problem. thus setting off ABS. We now have over 30000 miles on the vehicle. Have been driving a HH since 06, have had the same problem since day one.

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