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This is more tricky because you gotta figure out what works best for you and it depends on trial and error. Remember that these classes are designed so that the average UBC student scores in the low 60s and the number of students that come from gobsmackingly incredible international schools is not insignificant. I attend all of my lectures, use all of the free resources for my classes (MLC for math, targeted tutorials for bio, AMS tutoring, etc), and I've noticed a huge improvement. @RyanKO wroteHow exactly do you do a supplemental? The online community of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada! Definitely try to form a study group for this course, because at the speed the professors are going through the notes, you won’t know what they’re trying to focus on by yourself. I live in Ontario and I'm undecided about whether or not I want to go to ubc or stay here at McMaster or u of t …. You’ll learn material at the honours level and get exposure to science in a way that most people don’t see until 2nd year. Average grades to get into Science specializations? With the amount of work required for this class, make sure to take a maximum of only 4 courses rather than 5. The University of British Columbia. If you're into Biology I'd go for Microbi, Pharmaco, or CAPS. I came very close to being expelled for poor grades and I've lost count of how many semesters I spent on academic probation. If you’ve ever wondered what the rate a cat flips at as it jumps out of a building, MATH 103 will answer that burning question. It's a little terrifying looking at the employment statistics though...:/. You need to be efficient with your studying. I moved internationally before the start of last term. My friends who graduated this year made it into UBC with 92% GPA, so I’m worried that I need to pull it up one percent higher to make sure I don’t get cut off with the rising applicants and all. It’s a course based on heavy memorization and application. I'm in first year, but I'm beginning to think about what specializations I want to apply to. Lost your password? Each experiment you’re introduced to will be focused on a certain aspect of research, whether it be setup of controls, experiments, parameters, or sampling. CHEM 233 focuses on how organic compounds interact with each other, especially with hydrocarbons. I personally found the math learning center super duper helpful. One error or mistyped colon can easily take down a whole function. What about entering Computer Engineering from Engineering, is it competitive too? I always take more time to learn/understand , and generally am a much slower learner. I was never really an over-achiever in high school and my IB grade wasn't exactly stellar. This course will make you feel like you’re diene (Get it?). Extracurriculars, Hobbies and Volunteering, International Studies, Exchanges and Travel, Scholarships, Bursaries, Awards and Loans. That could mean attending office hours regularly. Got a question about student life? They are not tutors however. UBC Grades - grade distributions for previous offerings of all classes offered at UBC. Biochem is nothing like Biology. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Usually there are around 4-5 paragraphs/questions for sciences. It's just three mini-essays about your extra curricular activities, about your personality and about the things that are special about you! I, like you, have always been competitive about my academics and I kind of invest too much in my ability to perform well (as someone else mentioned). I think around a 78 average for first year courses should be manageable if you don't over exert yourself and focus on studying. I'm in first year, but I'm beginning to think about what specializations I want to apply to. May is when they give out most of the acceptances, and if you are in the lower end of the grade spectrum, then expect May acceptance. Not sure what it is now. My prereq average is 77.7% -- actually higher than I'd first thought!

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