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Most students were able to present three completed pieces of writing that demonstrated an understanding of the knowledge and skills required in the study. You might have a quirky language example, but it’s only going to help you if it’s relevant to the essay topic you’re given/you’ve chosen. In (very short) summary, the vital elements are as follows: Emphasising the intended effect of the author on the reader, Using evidence that is relevant to the prompt + supports your arguments, Ensuring there is enough genuine comparison between the two relevant texts in your body paragraphs. Lot of improvements since she started teaching via online. Excellent teaching skills. Explained topics well with examples and asked questions to ensure that my son really understood what was taught. An expository essay with an interesting beginning; 3 clear angles/points with parallel examples); show a problem with the topic. brilliant tutors! I can highly recommend Alana Hayes-Chen who recently provided Spanish ab initio tutoring for my teenage son who is completing the IB Diploma/Year 12. Yes, that’s right, you’ve probably got heaps of great examples under your nose already. That article she handed out to the class about language use in Australia? Surprisingly it is easy to use and we can easily get connected with the tutors. If you’re not strong in the metalanguage, it will negatively impact all parts of your exam: your short answer responses, your analytical commentary, and your essay. EduCat Sample VCE essays: Listed below are a collection of sample essays that I have written during my time as a VCE English tutor. Why is the example you’ve given interesting? You’ll want your examples to fit into as many prompts as possible, make them flexible – you’ll thank yourself later. LearnMate tutoring put us in touch with the best and most reliable tutor my family have ever used (Nicholas). An expository essay with an interesting beginning; 3 clear angles/points with parallel examples); show a problem with the topic. See Sample Plan/Format for expository/ hybrid/ persona-style: Hybrid essay. I would recommend anyone to use this platform who is looking for a home tutor or online tutor for their kids. Make sure you have a variety of quotes, real-life examples and sources (poems/people) etc. the tutors are helpful and the site is easy to operate. Include some stories about people in the (local) community and refer to your novel or film. Who are you? It is also critical to your writing style. Australian news and entertainment programs are great for analysing language use, I highly recommend them. : Column Reflection, Misrepresenting Reality: an insurance evaluator takes stock: Willy Loman, See Evading Reality, a personal reflection (Death of a Salesman), To get involved or not: Weekly Reflection Column by Student Representative (Conflict), See Relationships with Place and Community By Jason Smith Youth Leader (The Mind of a Thief), Dilemmas and choices: a reflection of ourselves (Conflict) (Spencer News), See “Doing the Right Thing”, by Janie Fitzpatrick, Youth Global Voices Group (Melbourne) and Galileo, See A Clash of views and values and conflict, by Kristy Mendelson (Student representative Hampton Park University), “The world in which we live shapes us” History Lecturer at Southern Cross University (Imaginary Landscapes), See Identity as a Story (Mind of a Thief). This website has amazing tutors who have so much knowledge about teaching kids and having fun with them so they don’t get to bored or tired. Don’t miss out – my workshops always sell out every holiday – and I have got so much planned for you. But, no need to stress! She is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. High quality, polite tutors who engage well with my child. It’s become a pinnacle for speculation and humour. Write down your key points/arguments, starting with the most obvious point. My daughter is very happy with the tutors from learmate In these challenging times and being in Year 12, it has been particularly helpful for her to have one on one sessions and ask questions. Alana communicated with us promptly and worked with our schedule to provide intensive tutoring to an extremely high standard. Be sure to establish an emotional and/or a logical context. They must choose a range of sources to give a balanced perspective. Start tuning your brain to these and make notes. (Speech to Spencer Grammar School, The Lot, Death of a Salesman), Also a Speech by the Author of “Getting a Grip” (Jeremy Springer, who addresses a group of wannabes: Death of a Salesman), Remembering and forgetting: life-style counsellor and health guide (Death of a Salesman), See “A Series of Open Letters” (Based on the The Lot/ Whose Reality), Illusions and dealing with loss: psychologist, Jimmy Swanson (Death of a Salesman), Spencer News Reflection: what determines our realities? Joey Bloomsfield, Community Reporter, Meredith News. When both parties are willing to achieve the same goals, nothing is impossible.Thanks LearnMate. You can choose to have lessons in-person or online – whatever is easiest for you! Our mission is simple: to provide professional, engaging and enthusiastic primary school & high school tutors to students, while also ensuring the student feels empowered and confident during their assessments! My daughter received a C on geography and from 1 lesson achieved a B. Nicholas has been great and we have been able to continue with tutorials using zoom during COVID-19. Both tutors Casey for Maths and Georgia for English Language have been very good! Students and teachers should note that, with the introduction of a new study design, the following examination papers are not necessarily a guide to the current VCE examination in this study. If you can find a specific article/journalist/newspaper that does this, then this will be super useful in terms of formal language (avoiding blame, liability, keeping it professional etc.). Make a comment. Payment is automated so set and forget. The Exam Revision Guide includes 18 sample text responses, 14 sample Context Essays, The next two pages provide a sample of the theory portions of the VCE English, SAMPLE PAGES. The Language of Persuasion: an essay-writing guide. Absolutely fantastic quality of tutoring. This is the kind of level of detail and exploration you want to reach – if not higher – when it comes to writing an EL essay. My son has been tutored by Caitlin Rochfort for vce Unit 3/4 software development and we have found her to be extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled in her craft. See what you can do with the following recent language-use examples. LearnMate is Australia’s leading tutoring agency offering private lessons in all primary & high school subjects including English, maths, science, humanities, foreign languages, and so much more. They’ll be, You’re surrounded by current language trends every moment of the day, from social media, TV, radio and the people around you. It’s a daunting task – you want your examples to be as specific as possible and also relevant, both to the topic you’re given and this decade. For sample “hybrid” essays and a variety of styles and contexts, see: “Different versions of reality” (Whose Reality) (Student Magazine), Our place in the world and us: Reflection in The Meredith Gazette (“Death of a Salesman”, Two essays on Whose Reality from different persona/context), How we live in a world created by others, Student Representative (Whose Reality: Wag The Dog), Trapped in our subjective world: A prison with no bars (Literary reviewer, Spies), Looking back can alter our reality: Spencers Film Festival by reviewer Hayden Crong. When writing expository essays relating to these themes you may wish to write a feature article or adopt “hybrid” format. “People’s true spirit is revealed in difficult times.” “There’s two ways of seeing our world – a right way and a wrong way.”. P lease note that these responses are not necessarily perfect, nor are they meant to be indicative of absolutely everything required in a VCE essay. Set the scene. It should be simple and straightforward, but have the potential to include sophisticated examples and quotes. Super efficient, fast way of finding great tutors! Do some research. The facts: Writers must research their facts and present them in a compelling and interesting manner, including quotes to give a sense of immediacy. The service was really easy to connect with and the tutor chosen was amazing to work with. They don’t have to be by linguists, about linguistics (a mistake I made in the early days of EL). See Better Essays and Persuasive Techniques : See Chapter 4: Persuasive text types pp 90-91. The other day I was watching House Rules when one of the contestants seemed a bit flustered and the host, Jo Griggs, narrated, “Harry’s head was fidget-spinning” – think of all the things you could say about that! She is patient and understanding of the challenges students face in this subject and we would thoroughly recommend using Caitlin as she is an outstanding tutor. Our tutor, Rosie, is lovely and my daughter had a valuable 1st lesson. For example if a magazine targets middle-aged women, then the articles, advertisements and pictures would reflect the women’s interest in lifestyle, career, money, health and relationships. Please click here to download a PDF version of the Exercises in the Language of Persuasion: an essay writing guide for immediate use. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alana to any potential student seeking tutoring, not only in Spanish but a number of other IB subjects. My daughter is very happy to have such a good tutor, they both clicked straight away. Has good tutors, has helped me improve my english a lot. Your brain should, The important thing is, you don’t just want to find interesting language examples, such as neologisms, but see how they’re used across the media and, especially, in, Source the Best Examples for VCE English Language Essays, excellent service and a great way for my child to interact and get help. LearnMate services many major cities for in-person and online tutoring including: LearnMate is secured by a 256 bit SSL certificate and 24/7 website monitoring by Sucuri, ensuring you can browse our site with complete confidence. Thank you Alana! Use the “I” as a linking device and one who signposts the key ideas. The audience: feature articles should appeal to the target audience. Trying to tackle year 11 maths methods was very challenging for my son. She is teaching my son step by step to achieve a goal. What area of study do they relate to? Well done in making this often daunting process so easy. Thanks Learn mate and Kylie, Easy to keep in touch with the tutors :) Worth it. Ever! Now we are working on maths and after 2 weekend lessons I’m seeing massive improvements and more understanding when it comes to the time length in doing homework.Our tutor is Mark and even he is excited with her progress. You must choose a “persona”, that is you may be an expert or professional in the field, or represent an organisation. I do believe, however, that they can provide you with a decent overview of what is generally most important across the three sections of the VCE English exam (Analysing Argument, Text Response, Comparative Response). LearnMate is Australia’s leading tutoring agency offering in-person and online lessons in all primary school, high school subjects (Years 7 – 10) and HSC, IB, QCE, BSSS, SACE, UMAT/UCAT, TASC, WACE & VCE subjects (Years 11 – 12) including English, maths, science, humanities, foreign languages, and so much more. Remember, in your essays, you’re discussing language usage. Your brain should pinging! Look through and pick out examples from resources that you’ve already been given. The “simple” comes with a great deal of practice. Continue setting those foundations and maintain dominance throughout the year!

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