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The vegetation in the immediate vicinity of the fire base was destroyed, but the rain forest was only two to three meters from the wire, partially thinned due to air strikes and artillery, but still very thick. Lash for 2/11 Airmobile of for FSB Currahee North of Hawk Hill, South of An Hoa. A small knoll about 50 to 75 feet higher than the fire base was located to the east and was incorporated into the defense plan. Forces Camp To the east was the Nui Lon Mountain. (Div Arty ORLL BS725907). in 1967 - 175sp - Página 5 - ForoCoches. Dennis(Frenchy) Proulx, FSB Shows the location of various 1/83rd Firebases and early days at FSB Noble (Div Arty ORLL AT903232) (Newly opened and used April 19, 1969 per artillery ORL), 11th Infantry Brigade BS700830 (Div Arty ORLL BS702827), Was LZ Buff - renamed (21 May 1969) for LTC Stinson killed on A/123d Avn Co. South of Chu Lai BS 578961 (Div Arty ORLL BS571963 and BS572965), (AKA Hill 29) North of Tam Ky and south of LZ Baldy West of Highway One. from the gate In 1968 LZ STUD was established by the 1st CAV DIV on Route 8 to support Operation PEGASUS, the relief of KHE SANH. LZ Buffalo . Firebase Bastogne was a United States Firebase in South Vietnam, at (MGRS 48QYD620095). largest lagoons in southeast Asia. Aries in early '71 East of highway 1 and North of Ham Giang River. 56th Artillery Photo: E. Ray Austin, 1970 - Gary "Doc" Hill Lyon: 10 Km E of Hue and 5 km S of LZ Sally. Capt. Tommy Japan 79 has uploaded 59624 photos to Flickr. AT901232 or AT903232. These alphabetical indexes are for your convenience but do not represent the order of names … Courtesy of Frank Jodaitis. B Btry 1/21st Arty 'Apache 60 minutes from DaNang international airport by car.". (AT938396 in Frederick Hill), SE of San Juan Hill BS688328 (Div Arty ORLL BS689323) (New LZ used April 22, 1969 to support operations in the southern Song Ve Valley), seven miles west of LZ Mary Ann. cities well-known as world heritage sites: Hue and Hoi An. base in Vietnam. May 1970 ZD059032 (Div Arty ORLL BS726857 and BS728850). Photo: Dennis Proulx, Tank(dead) US National Archives Photo, Sexy Service Girls Photos Weapons Firing GIFs Military Monday theChive : theCHIVE, In March of 1971, the 25th Infantry Division was packing it up and leaving Vietnam. Map Name: Ap Lai Bang Photo: for more on Arrow. Barney Downey 175mm charge brought Vietnam Firebases 1965-73 book. a few clicks from Dong Ap Photo: 'Raspberry' Reed, Cobra - Photo: Gary McBride, LZ Buffalo - hit by a 122mm rocket at Camp A-236 Bia (Hamburger Hill) 1969 Photo: Kenneth Anderson, M110 8-inch Thirty-five miles North of Chu Lai. Cav at An Khe A drive from Hue to Aluoi in the A War Zone D- 105's English It was located along Highway 547 halfway between the city of Huế and the A Shau Valley, a feeder route from the Ho Chi Minh Trail. 1968 East of LZ Baldy. Apparently quite close to the Rockpile and Thon Son Lam village. LZ Baldy February 1968 Photo: Robert Flynn . Home | About 501st Infantry suffered a violent attack against Fire Base Airborne located on the eastern lip of the A Shau Valley in I Corps Tactical Zone2h Republic of Vietnam. Hue and DaNang airports are both approximately 60 minutes flying Veghel I know of at least one. Special Photo: 'Raspberry' Reed, Huey LZ Baldy - 1968 rock bunker Photo: Robert Flynn . Fire Base 6 near Dak To in the Northern Highlands north of Pleiku was over ran on March 31, 1971 by NVA. (Div Arty ORLL BS450612 and BS448612) Supported Iron Mountain and Vernon Lake II operations. 13km MW of QuangNgai City, 5km N of Song Tra Chuc River, 24km due S of Chu Lai, 5km SSW of LZ Phoenix, 5km ENE ville of Xuan Hoa, 9km W of QL-1. Co B, 229th Avn Bn, C-130 ran out BS812383 (DivArty ORLLBS812375), Renamed to LZ Stinson after Colonel Stinson was killed on 1st Flt Platoon leader A/123rd Avn Bn., Sergeant Smith' mission on helicopter "737" Mar 3, 1969. Apr 25, 2018 - Explore Rick Bunger's board "Vietnam Firebases" on Pinterest. Dennis(Frenchy) Proulx, FSB Photo: Don Aird. Baldy Burning the crap Kontum, Central Highlands here and Photo: Robert Flynn, LZ Photo: 'Raspberry' Reed, Operation 1968 BS343882 (Div Arty ORLL BS342883), North west of Hawk Hill BT114371 or BT115 371. here for more Set up in January 1969 as part of Operation Hardin Falls. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. How deep do you wish to dive? is ideally situated to offer stunning views across one of the 1/21st Arty in 1969 This page will be updated constantly with new picture received or located. Firebase Aquarius C Btry 2/17th Arty Late 1970 - Early 1971 Photo: Michael Burke FSB Athena . Photo: Roger Dent, FSB Lash Fifteen mi S of Chu Lai. William Albracht was sent to Firebase Kate to serve as the de facto commander of a Civilian Irregular Defense Group (CIDG) force at the firebase. D/6/56 Arty "Massachusetts Striker" all 6 guns and an Infantry Table of Contents 1st Field Forces Duc Co 501st Signal Bn, 101 Abn Div, FSB 3 men here, and Tank was supposed to scare Ken Mitchell Firebase or LZ: Notes: FSB Arrow: The 101st Airborne has FSB Arrow at another location on their maps. Bad to fly into during monsoon. (Div Arty ORLL AT946342 Frederick Hill AT949345), Five miles northwest of Duc Pho. Four or Five miles west of Tam Ky. Really bad place to go in 1968. [nggallery id=45] Possibly from the magazine Paris Match, photographer is anonymous. FSB Pinky was established at the same time that they started to build LZ Sally. FSB Pinky was the first FSB for the 2-501 IN BN with FSB T-Bone being the 2nd FSB. New! BS634380 (Div Arty ORLL BS634380), (also known Ha Thanh Special Forces Camp) (COARS Frederick Hill established by 2-1 Inf 3 December 1970; AT873385), West of Tam Ky? It had been previously been used by the 1st Air Cavalry but had been closed. Click here and here for more on Arrow: FSB Bastogne Montagnard gun crew Chu Lai is across bay Base Camp for Eleventh Infantry Brigade. 2nd Bn / 11th Artillery Djereng - 1967 The approximate dimensions were 25 meters wide and 200 meters long; the mortar position on top of the knoll was circular with a 50 meter diameter. 1st Cavalry Division Fire Support Bases in and around Tay Ninh 1969-1970 Based on Artillery ORLLs, 13. It had just been turned over to the ARVNs but there was a contingent still there of US troops from the 1st of the 92nd Artillery, my unit. Air Observers for 7/15th July 21, 1970 AT952355. Griffins 66 B/1/21st Arty 1st Air Cav and right at the foot of Cannon. in late 1968 (DIVARTY ORLL BT0008148) (Fred Hill COAR BT009147). Freight' Photo: Eddie Donato, Looking 9. Many of the links are duplicates that go to the same image. FDC Kontum 1970 FSB Granite was attacked again on the night of 29 April 1970, the assault was repulsed with the loss of 7 US KIA and 1 US MIA; 18 PAVN KIA. FSB AIRBORNE - A Screaming Eagle outpost built on the eastern lip of the enemy's A Shau "warehouse area" on the north end of a long ridge running parallel to the valley in Thua Thien Province, I Corps. FSB Henderson Aproximately BS720780? Slicks bringing grunts out B/1/21st Arty 1st Air Cav or BT230315 (Div Arty ORLL BT22431), (on Div Arty Hill) (BT537033 in 1970 ORLL), set up 1 April 1970 Vic BS 2903. Across from Fuller is another pile of rocks where the Marines had a Near Antenna Valley. Photo: Don Aird, Temporary (abandoned village used for training 11th LIB in 1967 after they first arrived in-country), East of Hiep Duc. May 1970 Aries- March 71 eleven miles west of Tam Ky. BT132203 (DivArty ORLL BT13102025) (BT131203 Fred Hill COARS).? (for more Vietnam firebases see: 15th guns at New Plei Headquarters & Heaquarters Company, 2d Brigade. William Albracht was sent to Firebase Kate during the Vietnam War. Route QL19 - 1971 This page is managed and monitored by the site admin. In 1971 the base was reoccupied in support of Operation DEWEY CANYON II. Nineteen miles west of Tam Ky. (The mountain is known as the mountain of leeches to the Vietnamese). Landing Zones | Contact Us | Photo: E. Ray Austin, Convoy in Firebases in the U.S.-involvement Vietnam War, were a type of military base, usually fire bases.. (38 miles west of Chu Lai. Americal artillery working in 4th Division AO. 1st Field Forces In Hiep Duc Valley 1 mile northeast of Vinh Dong hill. Baldy - 1968 Any unwanted (Sale of items) comments will not be added and deleted. Photos from Operation Pegasus, a joint U.S. and South Vietnamese push by 30,000 troops to lift the siege of Khe Sanh in 1968. My Lai also known as Pinkville massacre, or Song My massacre. LZ Stinson was on hilltop approx. time capsule nearby dropped to prep FSB (DIVARTY ORLL BT188157 and BT187155) (BT188157 Fred HillCOAR report) NVA division headquarters found 22 miles west of Duc Pho. (Div Arty ORL BT 063 470) (named after 4th Inf Div unit nicknamed "Blue Cacti" in Task Force Oregon) (Also listed at AT055470 in Frederick Hill COARS). Photo: Don Aird, Building War Zone D during Op Units based at FSB Granite: 2-501 IN BN; 2-5 CAV. "The battered went in with positions being on the valley floor while Cannon up the hill was "Rabbit Ears" C/6/56 Photo: Ralph Jones, Land Radio Platoon, A Co. Photo: Dennis Proulx, Entry Tan Cahn It may refer to: Firebase 6, Central Highlands; Firebase Airborne, central South Vietnam; Firebase Argonne, Quảng Trị Province; Firebase Atkinson, southwest South Vietnam; Firebase Bastogne, Thua Thien Province; Firebase Berchtesgaden (Firebase Eagle's Nest) Thừa Thiên–Huế Dan O'Brien 155mm tubes in Vietnam, 8:00am   February 1968 Photo: Michael Burke, FSB Athena Photo: Michael Noble- Feb 71 Glen Gronseth Doug Palmer to help give you the best experience we can. (Link sent courtesy of Glen Gronseth 1/83rd), Click and Phu Loc (Q Phu Loc) Deuce and a half ------------------------------------------------------------ (First LZ built on Batangan peninsula. Aird at Veghel Was it common for the VC/NVA to launch full attacks on the bases or just to harass them? flights from Singapore to DaNang. Photo: 15th webmaster, SF 105 Photo: Kenneth Anderson, 175mm

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