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Overall the York rifle is slightly smaller than the Lancaster which makes it ideal for those of smaller stature. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. At the target range the rifle can hold its own with the best. We also offer an optional finishing kit that includes stock stain, stock finish and browning solution. Pecatonica River Long Rifle Supply, Superb Crafstmanship P. O. This kit's hardware comes in both steel and brass, of which both were historically used on sporting rifles. Box 2791 Rockford, IL 61132 US Phone (815) 968-1995 Fax (815) 968-1996: Home > Stocks and Components > Virginia. OUT OF STOCK. The barrel tenons and the front sight dovetails are already cut. The original rifle may date from as early as the 1740's and quite probably was used by a member of Morgan's Riflemen during the Revolutionary war. The rifle is very pleasant to shoot and very handy as a hunting gun. Rice barrels do not require lapping or extensive shooting to break in. Williams Flintlocks click image to enlarge. The Round Faced English lock not only boasts excellent geometry and speed, but also utilizes a water-resistant pan. Our Isaac Haines rifle is of the style that was made in Lancaster in the late 1770's or early 1780's. I can’t praise you enough! 1 turn in 56 inch twist, in .45, .50 or .54 caliber. It could be used with a smooth bore barrel as well as a rifled With the addition of relief carving, engraving, and/or silver wire inlay, this fowler can be made into an expensive work of art suitable for English nobility. 90001 Grade CM2 Fullstock Flintlock Rifle Kit with Brass Mountings; 90002 Grade CM3 (70-90% stripe) Curly Maple Fullstock Flintlock Rifle Kit with Brass Mountings; 90003 Grade CM4 (90-100% stripe) Curly Maple Fullstock Flintlock Rifle Kit with Brass Mountings; 13/16" Rifle Barrel for Kit … K-57 Virginia Fowler K-51 Colonial Fusil Fin. This is a heavier stock and large size barrels can be inletted. Phone (815) 968-1995    J.P. Beck worked as a gunsmith from the late 1760's to 1811 in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. $348.00. of Muzzleloader Builder's Supply, Grade CM2 Fullstock Flintlock Rifle Kit with Brass Mountings, Grade CM3 (70-90% stripe) Curly Maple Fullstock Flintlock Rifle Kit with Brass Mountings, Grade CM4 (90-100% stripe) Curly Maple Fullstock Flintlock Rifle Kit with Brass Mountings, Percussion Kit in CM3 Curly Maple Fullstock Rifle Kit with Brass Mountings. circa 1760-1770 (304) 754-3273. All rights Reserved. For a little more weight up front (for good off hand target work) I'd suggest the 50 caliber. Note: we can furnish this stock Add to Cart. Born in 1750, Jacob Ferree was the nephew of gunsmith, Joel Ferree. Our Lancaster rifle represents the early but fully developed Lancaster style of architecture at its finest, with a high, straight comb, slender wrist and forestock, and wide-flat butt plate. However, shipping charges are more because Note: Pictured brass box above not available. The long-slender wrist extends far back into the butt-stock for classic English smoothbore architecture. P. O. Tim Williams with moose and his flintlock. As for accuracy, a man carrying a smoothbore loaded with a tightly patched round ball was virtually equal to a man with a rifle at distances of up to 50 yards. You build a great longbow. Stock and Pistol Prices Stock Blanks Single Shot/Antique Repeater Stocks Stocks and Components Allen Box Lock J. Armstrong Beck Boys Bedford County The barrel comes with the breech plug installed and an extra long tang for you to shape or shorten to your preference. Model RK-3 (Right Hand); Model RK-4 (Left hand). All hardware is hand forged and engraved. $289.00. Jacob moved to Allegheny County in western Pennsylvania in 1784. This left-handed rifle is patterned after the work of Jacob Dickert circa 1770-1775. Model RK-12. IN STOCK. With a 50 or 54 caliber rifle barrel, the gun is still well balanced. with a 44" barrel channel. Because this is an English gun, curly maple is not a suitable wood choice. the extra length requires an oversize package. Traditions Kentucky Rifle Kit - Flintlock. Box 2791Rockford, IL  61132   US Buckeye Barrels is located within Jim Chambers Flintlocks' workshop so your entire kit order can be placed at one time and the availability of all your order determined immediately. This rifle will look great with either a brass or sliding wood patchbox. Add to Cart Add to Wishlist. Found in George Shumway's, Rifles of Colonial America Volume II, the rifle and a brief description are found on pages 534-539. All Firearms are custom built from the finest American made parts and materials: Each flintlock is custom fit to your individual physical structure and to meet your aesthetic needs. $1,350.00. 90001 Grade CM2 Fullstock Flintlock Rifle Kit with Brass Mountings; 90002 Grade CM3 (70-90% stripe) Curly Maple Fullstock Flintlock Rifle Kit with Brass Mountings; 90003 Grade CM4 (90-100% stripe) Curly Maple Fullstock Flintlock Rifle Kit with Brass Mountings; 13/16" Rifle Barrel for Kit … If you are looking for a light-weight hunting rifle, the York is an excellent choice in 50 caliber. Add to Cart Add to Wishlist. Be the first to review this product. 116 Sam's Branch Road Candler, North Carolina 28715, 828-667-8361 (Mon-Fri 9 AM-5 PM) • FAX 828-665-0852 (anytime), Calibers: 50 and 54 (40, 45 and 50 on special order), Barrel can be rifled in a 50 or 54 Caliber, or smooth bored to a 24 or 28 ga. on special order, Barrel can be rifled in a 54 Caliber or smooth bored to a 24 or 28 ga. on special order, Available in 10, 11, or 12 gauge smooth bore, Lock: Colonial Virginia or Round-face English. English gunmakers sometimes incorporated Germanic features as exhibited by the plain sliding wooden patchbox and square toe. Buckeye Barrels, LLC carries all barrels to fit our kits from the following barrel makers: Rice Barrel Company, Long Hammock Barrels, and W.E. The rifle was supposedly owned by Edward Marshall in his later years. or brass hardware. The kids just loved it. circa 1740-1750 New Kit! So whether you shoot at your local range, hunt whitetail in the eastern mountains, moose or bear in the Canadian bush, elk in the high country or buffalo on the plains, you can depend on your flintlock firearm much the same as our ancestors did. Great ! Click on the Name or Photo for a Description and to Order Individual Components, Muzzleloader Builder's Supply, P.O. The slender Getz barrel makes this rifle look wonderful with its long slim lines. In 45, and especially in 40 caliber, the York is extremely accurate. We maintain an inventory of 50-70 stocks at all times. The shorter 38" barrel and light weight makes this a very quick-handling rifle for those running shots in heavy cover. Welcome to VA Handcrafted Guns, Longrifles and Fowlers of the Best Quality by Ed Wenger. However, the hardware (including the wrist escutcheon, the decorative flowing side plate, and the first pattern acorn finial guard) exhibits the typical relief-chiseled details that occurred on fine English pieces. circa 1750-1770 The plain folded sheet brass ramrod pipes are 100% authentic as is, or can easily be filed to many different authentic shapes. Components > Virginia. The online store of Jim Kibler--contemporary flintlock rifle artist. You captivated them. All Rights Reserved • 4332 Razor Hill Rd. Buckeye Barrels, LLC is now our exclusive barrel supplier. Model RK-9. In the 18th century, if you could afford only one gun, it was wise and prudent to choose a smoothbore. Our English fowler was copied from an original gun made in 1762 by William Bennett, a very fine gunmaker who worked in London. flared breech plug. You choose the barrel you want from the available barrel options shown for the kit. The hardware is designed and manufactured exclusively for these rifles out of soft yellow brass--no hard-to-work bronze as is used in other rifles. Overall, it is a long slender and very gracefull piece. You’ve built a magical gun ! It is truly my favorite. Build a Virginia flint longrifle with a 44" swamped barrel, round faced English lock, and brass furniture from our suggested list of parts. We use quality northern curly maple with figure throughout the stock. Whether you’re a re-enactor of living history, gun enthusiast, shooter, hunter, historian, or someone looking for an interesting conversation piece, VA Flintlocks can offer you a handcrafted, historically accurate flintlock firearm that will fit your needs. • Bealeton, VA 22712. email: The stock styling is a graceful blend of English and French architecture, with a long slim balustrate wrist accentuated by the concave curve of the lower butt stock. Rayl, Inc.. Buckeye Barrels is also in the process of building an inventory in an effort to try and reduce the long wait times currently experienced when ordering. Tools needed for assembly include standard screwdrivers, small flat chisel, hand drill and bits, fine wood rasp, assorted files and sandpaper. Hedgesville WV 25427 I personally hunt with the rifle pictured here. Not only beautiful to look at, but a joy to shoot! Each barrel has 7 lands and grooves for .45, .50, and .54 caliber. Fax (815) 968-1996 A advanced project, no pre shaped stock exists and this set of parts must be shaped from a blank. All locks are designed and produced by Jim Chambers from high quality carbon steel. These arms also played a significant role in the incessant sporadic border conflict with New France that culminated in the French and Indian War. Our new addition to the Chambers kit line in 2008 is the Little Feller's Rifle. On all kits, an appropriate style and correct size breech plug, patchboxes, all required fittings, screws and fasteners, All barrels are swamped (tapered and flared) with round groove. Just wanted to say thanks. A beautiful Early Virginia Flintlock rifle stocked in premium curly maple. OUT OF STOCK. written permission Rating: 80%. Existing orders are not impacted by this change. circa 1770-1780 In addition to being authentic in every aspect, the parts benefit from the latest in 20th century technology in the quality of materials and workmanship. It definitely has early features related to rifles produced in Germany during the mid-18th century. SMOOTH RIFLES. OUT OF STOCK. Selling rifle kits, rifle making supplies, accessories and specialized learning materials. Email: - Toll Free: 877 397-3008 - Fax: 208 397-3009, © Copyright by, 2011-2020. Great ! He worked into the 1790's. Andreas Albrecht was a German Moravian gunmaker who migrated to America in 1750. Mark Silver - Virginia Rifle. Andreas Albrecht, who opened a gun shop in the Moravian settlement of Christians Spring in 1762, arrived in the Colonies in 1750. Available only in English walnut or cherry. Originally created by Master Gunsmith David Dodds of Selingsgrove, PA, this smaller rifle is perfect for smaller folks. The lock of round face British export type (Jim Chambers' Colonial Virginia) is authentic, fast, and superbly reliable as befits a serious firearm.

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