vivint solar contract pdf

The document includes the name and electronic signature of Plaintiff Christine Droney. >> Id. /Count 15 3 0 obj /Encoding /Identity#2DH /DescendantFonts [6 0 R] /CreationDate <82CCA4CA473C8199969ADE7961D91D88C0C671C4E97CC3> endobj %���� /Producer <83B2D1BB272CE1E4E288A82B3E8B5BDF999937> >> /Subtype /Type0 5��4R�a��#�AX��oD���@��3�8��H�WeP��\40�kH���6*V?�R����&p�wQ9=2������g���|�ɬ�. We were incorporated as Vivint Solar, Inc., a Delaware corporation, in 2011. /ToUnicode 5 0 R /ToUnicode 5 0 R >> /B7˓�TP@_�}�>�좋�Y�o:��ˢ֤>?�7\g��b$�CaQח�d.���Df�2����*�]���r�-Djm��� �2 ���}o��s�e�=�&I. C 19-07918 WHA ORDER RE ARBITRATION AND MOTION TO DISMISS INTRODUCTION In this unfair business practices suit, defendant solar panel installer moves to compel arbitration, or in the alternative, dismiss the complaint. stream /ModDate <44162F1157E5BBEA4C12EE9606C2995C9A94E0E80F0613> .G����Xןms����%�)of��v�mo��e@�W��zp�Au�TNe�X�m����>��v¡�:E�� )�8����� �L��v�T��Y��z��K���� ����.���JjXț�� << /Type /Catalog /Pages 3 0 R >> Not all roofs are created equal, that's why we customize your system design to fit your home. /Title <301C2D1050E3BFEC4412F29207DE99548E93E7F8> 3 0 obj endobj Vivint Solar’s Covenant of Non-Competition. A�2�?lN�M����y�>�40e~yy����&`��V��V��$�:t��N�h�� +���9L�A�6醝�CMt'������ ު��Ж7!Y@XlDک���Zc�Q�1�*)N�[���n��4�Cԍ�&�F@.���:-�(QtU5����Xꈚb�p��>wWl��vh��)�� �W@�0�C�#�)����T�i�$�F����M�p �]6]p�j�σ���Ћ��ճj�DҌCk*f����`�E��g܂���. << /Author <83B2D1BB272CFECEC8C1812B7CCE489E899F338AAA258BC5BB5990E25F79CA45137D63005CA958EF9CBD7AC73DE9B55F156020058D4C5AC6F2> endobj 4 0 obj Your solar equipment must be interconnected with your utility and you must enter into a net metering agreement with your utility. The agreement purports to “commit” Mrs. Droney to have solar panels installed … /Creator <83B2D1BB272CE1E4E288A82B3E8B5BDF999937> /Encoding /Identity#2DH 2 0 obj stream /BaseFont /LHNPNO#2BTimes#20New#20Roman << /Type /Font This Current Report on Form 8-K (this “Form 8-K”) is being filed to update and … 9+�_ª+�� LX��,7��0aI'��Xnx�Ȅ���2c���+�v�ˌ儗��s9p��� /m�ˡ^f,7�$�e^Ê��2c���G&�� /3�]^ADX*R&,� � �X��9�8���X�D�I�� �7Ng�$�h sBLF��̝ `n��Sq������ 1��9 ;��け����� 1�l1'�G�b�m"�$�h sCL�py4��!&��Y8����q>'�G�b!��N�I�� 憘��ĜD `n� e$�$�h sC���ĜD `N��0�C��I�� 愘fbnRf�g�0��k����A���� ���5I.��h��X�UO�A$l� �i��_U��}��z��,?cxH{�����HWɌ]��=ٙvUg��lؕ�4�S��Lo���b���F\ ����}a��܃��uF�{�{�_6����n�`:Oo����-���&�������qO�1�}�Jd�A��-*�����N?a����r��C+�R�,�F���%x,�����N���������W��}�^ Through investment funds, we own a substantial majority of the solar energy systems we … No. 4 0 obj 2 0 obj << /Author <45685A6037F5C4B7114BB1C51BD3C844D3CDA2A64C5F5B3ACD7E4DD1629690158D70BB95EC3710EB9F3CD2A8E996556AFCB679BC0D3690555C> %���� /Count 15 cWo��I'����s��w��#�J�������L`W�E�v~hA��k�cK� My Solar City site audit was successfully completed on 6-2-15. /BaseFont /MTWJGI#2BTimes#20New#20Roman Sample of Solar Consumer Complaints Filed with the Better Business Bureau for SolarCity, SunRun & Vivint (2015) 3 picked one of the other solar companies that I was talking with. %PDF-1.4 << /Type /Font endstream /Kids [24 0 R 26 0 R 28 0 R 30 0 R 32 0 R 34 0 R 36 0 R 38 0 R 40 0 R 42 0 R 44 0 R 46 0 R 48 0 R 50 0 R 52 0 R]

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