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3.25x scope with thermal imaging highlights targets and provides visibility in all lighting conditions. Depending on the role the AUG is to fill, any of these barrels can have a place. Both 407mm barrels extend the range of the AUG, but the light version has slightly better ADS speeds at the cost of recoil control. 3.25x Scout with integral 1x reflex for quickly transitioning between sights. Expels gases upward to aggressively fight muzzle climb. This loadout is reminiscent of AUG ARs from previous CoD games. Unfortunately for the AUG, its stock options are outshone by foregrips and grip tapes, and while lasers might be useful in close range combat, they give up too much stealth in return for relatively little reward. Stippled pistol grip tape maintains control performing high speed maneuvers. My AUG setup for Warzone. Using this loadout, you can transform the AUG from an SMG to an AR. Hybrid optics are great for added versatility, but the VLK 3.0 maintains mobility, has a decent zoom, and still has a wide enough field of view to be useful in relatively close combat. Monolithic Suppressor provides superior sound suppression and increased range. Stainless steel barrel extension increases muzzle velocity and extends range. Here’s some of the best loadouts you can use for the AUG in Modern Warfare and Warzone. Some attachments are clearly superior to others, but there are a couple that are complete must-haves. Range +45% (Faster bullet velocity), ADS +3 Frames, -4% Movement speed, Enhanced Recoil Control. Robin has a passion for games, tech, and entertainment that stretches back as far as he can remember. Lightweight aluminum suppressor sacrifices range for stealth and agility. Getting a handle on the potential of the AUG is a good idea for any seasoned Warzone player, especially those who have tried out all of the ARs and didn't find a favorite, or simply want a change of pace from the normal fare of M4A1s and MP5s. The key is the 5.56 round magazine, as well as the long-range scope. The only exceptions are weapons with integral suppressor options like the MP5 or M13. 622mm Long Barrel Maximum barrel extension pushes this weapon’s range to the extreme. It reduces mobility somewhat, but in Warzone, almost every well-balanced build includes a Monolithic suppressor. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The two must-have attachments for the AUG include the Monolithic suppressor and the 60-round 5.56 caliber drum magazine. Standard foregrip improves vertical recoil and stabilizes weapon while aiming for improved long range combat. Bullets slow enemy movement and briefly disable tactical sprint when shooting legs. The AUG is easily one of the most versatile weapons in the game, with a wide array of attachments that can totally change the nature of the weapon, altering its damage, handling, range, and mobility. No frills foregrip helps control vertical recoil for faster follow-up shots. You cannot use any Barrel Attachments on the AUG. Range +30% (Faster bullet velocity), ADS +3 Frames. Titanium can with stainless steel baffles. Some players might prefer a bit more accuracy or a tad more mobility, so the best way to tweak any build to an individual player's taste is to hop into a custom game and try out some variations. Attachments 1. RELATED: Call of Duty: Warzone Bunker 11 Hides Nuclear Warhead and More Secrets. The ADS speed is very good considering the heavy attachments involved, but for Core gamemodes, the Forge TAC stock replaces the barrel for an even more competitive ADS speed. Double Time 2. The attachments to avoid are muzzle devices other than the Monolithic suppressor, laser optics, stocks, and any attachment that decreases range or hurts ADS times too much. If Call of Duty: Warzone's mechanic for unlocking weapon attachments has you confused, you've come to the right place. 407mm Extended Barrel. Low power 1mW red laser improves hipfire accuracy while remaining undetected. Russian reflex sight with a low-intrusion frame for improved target tracking. Hollowed out stock with light weight recoil pad keeps shooter agile while aiming down sights. While all the weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone have similar attachments available, each weapon has a different maximum level cap. Even with all of these hidden gems to find throughout the map, the main point of the game remains fighting and winning in large-scale battle royale combat. Provides higher precision. The AUG is a pretty decent SMG that has slightly better base stats when compared to the MP5. Not compatible with NVG goggles. Ranger Foregrip Perks 1. The ability to customize a gun to each player’s preference is part of what makes the game so fun. Froskurinn no longer under contract with Riot Games, DAMWON Gaming players share potential champion picks for 2020 Worlds skins, Riot outlines League's early surrender and LP consolation features for dealing with AFKs, coming in Patch 10.24, Apex Legends' season 7 will move the R-99 to floor loot and the Prowler to the Care Package. The AUG, based on the real-world Steyr bullpup of the same name, is not only a reliable weapon, but also one of the most versatile guns in Modern Warfare and Warzone. Long range 4.0x optic manually flips to closer range holographic sight. 662mm Long Barrel 3. Call of Duty: Warzone is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can choose which categories you want to be notified for. Only for the aggressive. The longest barrel extends the range by only about 5m, and the lightweight barrel … The AUG is one of the most customizable guns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone —and it’s worth the time it takes to level up and unlock all its … Bullets cause target healing to be briefly delayed. Moderate weight increase affects agility. Call of Duty: Warzone just got a massive update that added some long-awaited features, including secrets to be found in the mysterious bunkers scattered across the map and various hints towards changes to come. Conversion kit to use 30 round 5.56 NATO magazines for increased stopping power. Absolutely shreds at most distances. Dimpled aluminum alloy barrel extension extends range and muzzle velocity with minimal additional weight. Reflex sight of American origin. Amped Laser: Tac LaserStock: FORGE TAC CQB CombUnderbarrel: Merc ForegripRear Grip: Stippled Grip TapePerk: Sleight of Hand. In fact, the standard AUG in its real-world form is an AR, and can be converted into an SMG, rather than vice-versa as in Call of Duty. However, while this sort of build illustrates how versatile the AUG is, it doesn't play to its strengths. If SMGs are your thing and you want to kit the AUG out to perform better as one, this loadout is a good start. Barrel: 407mm LightweightOptic: Integral 3.0x OpticStock: FSS Heavy Stock ProUnderbarrel: Commando ForegripAmmunition: 5.56 NATO 30-Round Mags. Advanced 3.25x Gen 3 night vision with thermal overlay for enhanced situational awareness. Smooth and granulated tape for a relaxed and controlled grip. With bullets in the same caliber as the legendary M4A1, the AUG isn't short on damage, but there are still more attachments that can boost it to even higher heights. 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