what episode does azula go crazy

It also appeared that she was not sleeping well, as she had dark circles under her eyes, likely fearing being killed in her sleep. Burger-Beard | She revealed that the voices in her head had stopped once she realized her own true destiny: it was not to become Fire Lord herself, but to shape Zuko into a more ruthless leader who ruled through strength and fear. When it comes to tear-jerking tragic backstories, no-one has it worse than Prince Zuko. Matt is an alumni of Portland State University with a degree in English and Film Studies. Why did Azula go crazy? But despite this newfound respect, Azula and Zuko were soon plagued by inner turmoil. I'm no Outdo and humiliate her brother (often succeeded).Help the Fire Nation conquer the rest of the world.Kill the Avatar (temporarily succeeded).Rule as the new Fire Lord.Kill Zuko and Katara (both failed).Kidnap children of Fire Nation.Make Zuko become like their father and her as a tyrannical Fire Lord (failed; formerly).Possibly using reverse psychology on Zuko so that he will continue to not be like their father and herself (succeeded; though up to interpretation). Being only a boy, Zuko has no chance against his father. Coco LaBouche | It's been updated since its original publishing to include even more moments that might have brought fans to tears. Which Character From Once Upon A Time Is Your Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac? Infiltrating the city with only Mai and Ty Lee, disguised as Kyoshi Warriors, she realized the political instability of the city and widened the scope of her original plan from just capturing the Avatar, to conquering the city. Azula firing lightning at Katara to gain an advantage during her Comet-Enhanced Agni Kai against Zuko. The group arrived just as a performance of Love amongst the Dragons was ending. Tagaka | Princess AzulaPrincessCrazy Girl (by Sokka)Fire Lord Azula Hook-Handed Man | Aang swooped down and caught her in free fall, but she set his glider afire, causing him to crash to the ground and securing her getaway. His refusal to bring her along on a mission where the two of them would serve essentially as equals made her realize that her lust for power not only frightened her enemies but perhaps her father as well. 26 Oct. 2007 The Avatar and the Fire Lord. Azula relentlessly drilled herself toward perfection and settled for nothing less from herself or those who serve her. Burke | And there are no events in either that series or the comics before it in the timeline that allude to her death. Although she does not bend her signature blue fire, Azula is the firebender in the opening credits for Avatar: The Last Airbender. Weapon of choice Victor | In an effort to weed out the avatar, the Fire Nation committed genocide against the Air Nomads, killing all of Aang's companions and his mentor Monk Gyatso. She just lost control of all the crazy inside her. Azula was born to Fire Lord Ozai and Princess Ursa. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? One of the most engaging characters in the original Avatar: The Last Airbender was Azula. Book Three: Fire (Summer 100 AG) Ghazan | Pedro | Azula, alongside Iroh and Zhao, watched Zuko's Agni Kai with his father. Rate. Azula insists that her plan has not failed, pointing out the harsh measures Zuko has taken to keep his people in line over the past 24 hours. [19], She was placed in an adjoining cell with her father, though they did not speak with each other for half an hour. Princess Yue, whose life had been saved by the moon spirit, sacrifices her life force to bring the spirit back to life. Azula is the shadowed firebender in the opening sequence of each episode, despite using blue flames. Azula was able to generate powerful shields of swirling flames which could withstand the full force of four simultaneous elemental attacks (and a boomerang). As punishment, his father challenges him to Agni Kai, a firebending duel. [25] Later, she proceeded to disarm Suki and knocked her off her feet without bending. Azula showed up at her coronation impatient and with her hair a mess. Image gallery (155). Sheng, Spirits She ran away but stopped as she neared a stream and heard her mother's voice coming from the water. Tokyo Ghoul: What Is V, the Secret Ghoul-Human Cabal? For the admiral, see Chan (Fire Nation admiral). Not long after this, her cousin Lu Ten was killed in battle, prompting Iroh to abandon his legendary six-hundred-day siege of Ba Sing Se, which in turn prompted Azula to call him "a quitter and a loser". 5. Upon nearing Hira'a, she attempted to escape by jumping off of Appa. [32] She could easily defeat Zuko during the Confrontation at Tu Zin and keep Aang on the defensive, eventually overwhelming the Avatar, even fighting off the entire Team Avatar successfully before running when Toph arrived. What is the rhythmic pattern of bahay kubo? Azula disarmed him with a small, non-lethal lightning shock after he threatened her with his boomerang. She did this in part out of a desire to steal the throne from Zuko, but also to finally confront her mother - visions of whom still haunted Azula. Fire Nation (Fire Lord Ozai, Zuko & Azula) | Concept art of Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender—The Art of the Animated Series. Azula saved Team Avatar from a moth wasp attack. Azula ordered Ukano to gather his Safe Nation Society to start rioting in the streets, although Ukano did not understand how this will help Ozai become Fire Lord, Azula softly said that her father was never the plan. As Azula gradually lost her sanity prior to the arrival of Sozin's Comet, her firebending became unfocused and wild, making her all the more dangerous, however it also resulted in her becoming exhausted more easily than usual. Katara and Zuko then arrived to fight her, and she constantly provoked the duo as she attacked them. The finale of Season One is one of the most impressive episode arcs of the whole series. She had also demonstrated the skill to condense her flames, enabling her fire to cut clean through various objects. Azula eventually found Zuko and Iroh in a village resort and attempted to capture them both, luring Zuko with the false promise of being accepted home with open arms. Jimmy Neurton Villains | 1. Azula was one of the most skilled firebenders of her time, recognized as a prodigy by both Ozai and Zuko. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. [8] She also displayed the ability to be so extremely capable of lying effectively that even Toph could not sense it regardless of how blatant the lie was, showing that Azula did not feel remorse for lying or many of her other actions. Azula later stated that Suki was her favorite prisoner, further revealing that she had won the duel against Suki. As the waterbender approached her, she accused her of being one of Ursa's co-conspirators. Warden | Yaling | I don't think she 'went' crazy by the end. Discarding many of her old desires including the quest for total power, she overcame several of her insecurities. Despite her state of mind, her attacks on Zuko and Katara during her final duel proved ferocious and destructive, and she was still able to fire lightning accurately. Predecessor She easily avoided Zuko's frenzied knife attacks without the use of firebending, guiding his hands off course. e. Ramses | Her outburst prompted Ty Lee to chi block her, rendering her completely immobile. Henry Danger Villains | Azula and her cohort managed to successfully get away with Kiyi through a secret passage. [20], Complying to the request, Zuko released her from the mental institution and allowed her to accompany him, unbound and with dignity. Azula, in tears, burned an opening through a nearby wall and ran outside, dropping the letter in the process. As Aang attempts to enter the Avatar state, he is shot down by Azula and nearly killed. [17] The most notable feature of Azula's bending was her ability to create blue flames, which are much more intense than the red, orange, and yellow flames normally used by firebenders, though she was only known to bend normal colored fire during her childhood. Marion Hawthorne | She was urged by her mother to stop what she was doing, as Ursa believed it was not Azula's destiny to assume the throne. Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine | Following the events in Hira'a, Azula freed several of her acquaintances, and subsequently organized them as strike team impersonating the Kemurikage. Azula was allowed to spend time with Ozai. She was born 2 years after her brother Zuko. Foot Clan (Eric Sacks, Karai, Baxter Stockman & Bebop and Rocksteady) | Hama, the innkeeper, had been kidnapped by Fire Nation soldiers and imprisoned. Ozai responded by appointing Azula as the new Fire Lord to govern over the Fire Nation in his absence, temporarily satisfying her desire for power. Although she could be sympathetic and loyal toward them, she never cared for their feelings and manipulated them as she saw fit, such as when she threatened Ty Lee into leaving the circus and joining her cause. Azula was never happy with what she had, always striving for more. Chimpanzombies | Chronological information Her first appearance came in the final moments of "The Promise" before playing a larger role in "The Search". Before the situation could escalate any further, Zuko intervened and stated that he had meant no harm and just wanted to ease the conversation with Ozai along. Azula began to manipulate Ukano and eventually enacted a plan to cause panic by kidnapping children across the capital. How long will the footprints on the moon last? Falcon | Zuko | All Rights Reserved. As Zuko pointed out that she seemed more stable, Azula suddenly attacked him. Sokka also admits that it's been so long that he can't even remember his mother's face anymore. At some point during her exile, Azula came to the conclusion that her destiny was to manipulate Zuko into a Fire Lord who ruled by fear. When Team Avatar is journeying through the Fire Nation, they came across an innkeeper woman who claims to have been a lost water bender from the Southern Water Tribe. What is the rhythmic pattern of bahay kubo? When the Avatar brought the Mother of Faces with him, Azula interrupted Misu's plea to the spirit to grant her brother a new face with a demand to know about Ursa. Big Bob Pataki | Azula's firebending contains elements from the, Azula is one of only three known female members of the Fire Nation Royal Family by blood, the others being. First mistake. Azula was one of the few characters to have. Azula saved Sokka from Misu's plantbending attack. Before Zuko could take them from her, she burned them, having already read them herself. Last appearance

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