what is wrong with bsf

The Lord makes very clear in the New Testament what He wants His people called in the context of one another and Himself. I am a responsible human being but frequently made to feel like a degenerate at BSF. Mostly the legalism, being spoken to like I am a child by the leaders, and hurtful comments directed at my children and me by fellow participants. Holy and dearly loved by our Heavenly Father. I stayed, and dramatic changes began taking place. The recent studies I’ve attended in the area I currently live have been more of a ‘cookbook’ style of study where a question is asked, to which there is a correct answer, a few comments are simmered, then voila! My class administrator assures me that it become “a kinder, gentler BSF” since I wrote this post several years ago. It’s set up to do a little bit every day. While there is a head nod to God in the list of appropriate “outward” focal points, the emphasis continues to be on “great leaders” and their emphasis on other men, not God. reinforcing the teaching of the passage. Lifting 2 Timothy 2:3-6 out of context, Graves summarizes his treatise on the importance of striving for the universal virtues of endurance, focus, discipline, ambition, hard work, and patience with the call to “wash these six virtues through your life and work.”, However, when teaching the principles from his examples of the soldier, athlete, and farmer, Paul sandwiches these truths between reminders of our need for God to do anything. We all benefit from better knowing the Word of God. . I love that you are willing to overlook the parts that are difficult. Until another girl humbly but carefully shared one week that maybe, just maybe, sometimes Jesus does mean that we are supposed to do radical, crazy things with our money and our possessions. I can’t help but love BSF, no matter what. As far as my spiritual journey goes, I have had a lot of ups and downs but one thing I’ve learned is that I am pretty much guaranteed for DOWN if I’m not reading God’s word. My discussion group certainly does not have different opinions offered. I think if you enjoy your teaching leader (the one who gives the lecture), then the study is still worth it. So why haven’t I told you about BSF? But now there are many members, but one Body. Bible Study Fellowship’s name embodies exactly what they strive to be. This is my 9th year of BSF on the same location, and I guess the leaders in my area are well trained because over that time period, there’s been an ongoing consistency in the way discussion groups are led. And BSF, like all Christian communities, needs people to show up and be different, have questions, and even push those boundaries. And before i finished my sentence, i was cut off bytl the second in command admin leader, “what do we say to that, ladies?” And the whole group gasped. And incidentally, if you are a BSF-er, you kind of need something fluffy on the side to balance you out. I have left BSF in tears more than I would like to admit. In his second point (p. 6), Graves says, “Great leaders have a healthy sense of selflessness and humility.” While his statement is true, Paul’s selflessness and humility do not make him a great leader; they make him an obedient follower. I feel like that sort of stuff brings out my dark side- I just want to break all the rules so very, very badly. Oh, and I won’t even tell you the lecture I got from their headquarters in Texas when I called to see if I could have help getting the CA to responsd to me. They want to go by their rules, and I just want them to utilize some common sense and grace for a mom who has is only doing this for her child in the first place. For his fourth and final point in his man-centric interpretation of 1 Corinthians 3:4-9, Graves quotes problematic teacher Rick Warren (see note at end). After many years of hearing my wife’s family (only the women, NONE of the men do BSF) talk about this program and the great studies, I’m breaking down and diving in to one of them close (well, 25 minutes – the closest) to my home. My daddy has always said that God can handle our questions, so ask them. It is used figuratively of the Lord’s subduing, removing, crushing the iniquities of His people (Mic. (There is nothing quite like that BSF children’s program.). It can even be monotonous. It’s consistent. , Either way, I wish you all the best in your journey of studying the Bible!! But it has been a total bear to try to communicate with the rule-oriented class administrator who loses half of my emails. As a STUDY, BSF works much like traditional ‘homework’ – there is the bare minimum of questions, the ‘skeleton’ you might say, of what is detailed in the dozen or so questions. No names of course… just examples of how things can “go wrong” or how our actions can be hurtful even if we don’t see it. Some of the things that have been bothering me are I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth. And God has appointed in the church…. Some references are provided to aid new Bible students. Sending you grace and love from afar! That girl became my very best friend in a city where I was new and had not yet made friends. I am glad to say that BSF has made some significant changes over the last 5 years and is indeed “kinder and gentler.”. And finally my Grandmother, who is no longer with us but was a BSF teaching leader for 25 years, would say that the only person who really knew how to write the BSF questions and notes was Miss Johnson. I’m so sorry! When God called me out of BSF, after nearly 20 years, for other ministry, very little had changed but we were studying Moses and “the cloud” was starting to “move”. I wrote this post about BSF six years ago, and I need to add that BSF has become kinder and gentler with the rules about lessons and attendance and such.

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