words for sun in other languages

ages ago The wind was high, but the sun bright, and the snow thawing. Answer is simple –> nyeredzi, How to say star in Sindhi? 7:40AM, 5 September 2004 PST ages ago If you are 13 years old when were you born? Answer is simple –> stea, How to say star in Russian? He went on until the sun was low in the west and all the sky was rimmed with color. Answer is simple –> ستوری, How to say star in Persian? Answer is simple –> ster, How to say star in Albanian? From all types of images. ages ago Answer is simple –> жұлдыз, How to say star in Khmer? ages ago sun yourself. (permalink), t'ae-yang, zon, and even the Hebrew word for sunny. The theory is that almost all languages stemmed from one and that one had words for those items. Ever hear of perak, rihi, argent, plata, faddi, hopea, or zilar? ages ago Answer is simple –> зорка, How to say star in Bengali? ages ago ages ago A cenotaph is a structure that is built in honour of soldiers who died in a war. If you click it, you'll go home, members.fortunecity.com/volcanopele/patera.htm, pangalactic gargleblaster and the heart of gold. Hi! Inuit. Answer is simple –> Звезда, How to say star in Sesotho? Now you can say silver in 100 different languages! Answer is simple –> réalta, How to say star in Esperanto? Te Rā (The Sun: literal translation fire/heat) Answer is simple –> од, How to say star in Nepali? Teja (one who is bright/has bright aroura) Answer is simple –> stjer, How to say star in Galician? Answer is simple –> irawo, How to say star in Zulu? These are just a handful of the many names for silver used by people around the globe. (pronounced---" sue-raj") all of them so far, except in tagalog is spelled with a "s"...hmmm... Answer is simple –> hvězda, How to say star in Danish? (permalink), In Thai : Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? I am really learning new words for sun here. marich Aruna How appropriate :) Answer is simple –> ดาว, How to say star in Turkish? (permalink), Like someone said before Sun has a thousand names in Sanskrit, Most common are 12 which we use for our daily prayers to Sun Nice to meet you all ...acroos your photos! Answer is simple –> Stär, How to say star in Macedonian? Answer is simple –> stelo, How to say star in Estonian? Answer is simple –> estrella, How to say star in Cebuano? Sunny = soligt In Greek, "the sun" is o ilios (ο ήλ&iota. Sun is Sun (English) (permalink), In Polish it's 'slonce' (actually, it should be spelled 'słońce', but somehow I don't think the diacritic marks will show up properly ;)) (permalink), Spanish and Portugese for sun are the same because they derive from the Latin i.e Sol Sól - very like the other nordic languages. We eat different cuisines around the world. ages ago ages ago Sundanese: Panon poe it also means day =) (permalink), in german = Sonne Please find below many ways to say sunshine in different languages. (permalink), aditya in sanskrit or some forgotten language(happens to be my name coincidentally ;-) ages ago ages ago the more sophisticated version of 'matahari' if i may add =p I know we all know what the sun is, but here is the definition of this powerful star in my Webster's dictionary: "1. (permalink), Infact there are thousand names to Sun in Samskrita (Sankrit & or Indian Languages) ages ago (permalink), Māori (Aotearoa New Zealand) Answer is simple –> αστέρι, How to say star in Gujarati? Answer is simple –> ផ្កាយ, How to say star in Korean? Would you like to know how to say star in 100 different languages? ages ago Hiranyagarbh Answer is simple –> nyenyezi, How to say star in Corsican? When we refer to the sun as a star, we call it "Khorshid", but when we refer to the sun as the source of the light in the sky, we call it "Aaftaab" Saying sun in African Languages. How to say star in Afrikaans? (permalink), Tamil - Sooriyan (permalink), Romanian: ages ago arka ages ago (permalink), Dutch: zon Answer is simple –> നക്ഷത്രം, How to say star in Maltese? Another word for sun: Sol, Helios, Phoebus, daystar, eye of heaven | Collins English Thesaurus ages ago ages ago There are other anecdotes related to San Lorenzo. (permalink), Breton = heol (not too different from Welsh, which is logical) aditya ages ago pig latin: onsay ;) (permalink), RUR. Answer is simple –> inkanyezi. sun. Answer is simple –> estrela, How to say star in Georgian? (permalink), In Latvian it's saule. Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? ages ago Very celebrated in Spain is the one that we called "Lágrimas de San Lorenzo", in english "Tears of San Lorenzo". ..... 日出 -- Sunrise ages ago In papiamento its: Solo ages ago Surya (sun-synonym) Article by BuzzFeed. Answer is simple –> نجمة, How to say star in Armenian? In Different Languages, or IDL, is an online tool that shows you how to say words and phrases in more than 100 different languages. (permalink), Lorenzo is in Spain, leneke, not in Italy ;) Quechua Abancay Tintay; Ancash Chiquian; Ancash Huaylas Huaraz; Ancash Huaylas Pamparomas; Ancash Huaylas Wata; Arequipa Union; Argentina; Ayacucho; Chachapoyas; De Ambo Huanuco Pasco Pasco; Huanca Huaycha; Huanca Huaylla; Huanca Shausha; Huanuco Panao; Huaylas Ancash; North Junin Tarma; North Junin Cajas; Imbabura; Pastaza; San Martin; Yauyos Cacra; Yauyos Hongos; Yauyos Huangascar; Yauyos Lincha; Yauyos San Pedro; Yauyos Tana; Yauyos Vinac; Azuay; Bolivar Cachisagua; Chimborazo Nizag; Chimborazo Troje; Cotopaxi Compania Grande; Loja; Pichancha; Tungurahua Guapante; Tungurahua Salasaca; Cotopaxi Papaurco; Cotopaxi Tigua; Nahuatl Atlacholoaya Xochitepec; Atliaca Tixtla; Axochiapan; Ayotoxco; Chilacachapa Cuetzala Del Progreso; Coyotepec; Cuacuila Huauchinango; Cuentepec Temixco; Hueyapan Tetela Del Volcan; Hueyati Yahualica; Huitziltepec Zumpango Del Rio; Pomaro Aquila; Quetzalapa Azoyu; Jalatlaco; Rafael Delgado; San Agustin Oapan; Santa Ana Tlacotenco; Tepotztlan; Xaalitla Tepecuauilco; Xalatzala Tlapa; Xalpatlahuac; Xilocuautla Huauchinango; Chichiquila, Nahuatl San Pedro Tlalcuapan Santa Ana Chiautempan, Nahuatl Cuatlamayan Antonio Santos; Ixhuatlan De Madero; La Reforma Tepehuacan De Guerrero; Las Balsas; Xochiatipan; Zahuastipan San Augustin Metzquititlan; Mecayapan, Nahuatl San Bernardino Teotitlan Del Camino, Northern Cakchiquel San Martin Jilotepeque, Kaingang (a.k.a. (the same as in Lithuanian, didn't know till now:) ages ago Same characters for Japanese and Chinese. members.fortunecity.com/volcanopele/patera.htm (permalink), Filipino/Tagalog: araw พระอาทิต (Phra-a-thit) speaking about the planet. Sinhala - Soorya or Hiru Welcome to our website! ages ago ages ago Answer is simple –> bituin, How to say star in Finnish? All rights reserved. (permalink). savitru Answer is simple –> gwiazda, How to say star in Portuguese? bhaskar ages ago ages ago Copyright © 2016 by HarperCollins Publishers. (permalink), Just like in Spanish. ages ago 368. When it comes to languages, there are different ways to express the word ‘beautiful’. (permalink), in yiddish: 18 Stunning Words From Other Languages You Definitely Need In Your Life. When the sun arose in the morning he did not say "Behold another day.". A: No, that is false. suriyan (soorya); curiyan; nyayiru; aruna; njaayar, sura, surya, bhaskara, aaditya, ravi, ha; bhanu, marthanda, mihira; divakara, tav, roj, ro, xor, xur, xursid, hetav, sems, Hokm Abad Khorasani (and all other 10 dialects of Khorasani, Dir Gujari (and all other Gujari dialects), nij; nyi ma (ku-mud tfyra; mchod-ldan; mun-sel; mgon-po; hod-ldan), tawan, tabwan (coloqual); phra-aathit (high language), suriya (mythological), Biaomin (Biao Chao, Byau Min, Dongshan Biao Min), Bemba (?) Kephra at midnight And now I know 12 words in Japanese :) ), Flickr logo. Saami/lappish: Beaivváš/Beaivi ages ago Answer is simple –> stella, How to say star in Croatian? (permalink), In Japanese the star itself is taiyo and sunshine is nikko. Answer is simple –> stella, How to say star in Latvian? ages ago ages ago Thanks. Answer is simple –> naleli, How to say star in Shona? How to say sun in Arabic? In French,"the sun" is le soliel. ages ago I don't want some weird weird that wouldn't go with the last word 'Pack'. sunbathe. I know the word 'Sol' means sun but I don't know if I want 'Sol Pack'. What is sun called in different languages? Means: "Spouse of day" (permalink), afrikaans: son Matenga (the sun god of Easter Island) Ravi (sun-synonym) What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? (permalink), Matahari.... (permalink), Ra in the morning ages ago Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? (permalink), in japanese also says:ohisama Answer is simple –> hoku, How to say star in Hebrew? Mitra ... Armenian – sun in armenian. Following are most commonly used words for Sun - The Lord of Energy and The Planets. 阳光 -- Sunshine If you are a native speaker of any of the below languages, please go to your language and help us refine the list, either correcting or translating a word. Aside from the national language (Filipino/Tagalog), the next major dialects are: Ilocano - aldaw (permalink), In Croatia (Local: Hrvatska) we call it "Sunce" Iktsuarpok refers to the feeling of anticipation when you're expecting someone that … (permalink), In isiXhosa the sun is Langa. Answer is simple –> நட்சத்திரம், How to say star in Telugu? 태양 (pronouce as t'ae-yang) We always think the sun drops down away from us, but it stays still. This is the translation … (permalink), In Burmese, it is called Nay. (permalink), italian: sole.... My mother also calls her 'Laura'. It’s also one of the four official languages of Singapore. How to say sun in Afrikaans? Others: Answer is simple –> stilla, How to say star in Maori? ages ago Is that true? What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? (permalink), In Czech - slunce* (permalink), In dutch it's 'de zon', but you already knew. (permalink), ... (permalink), 太阳 -- The Sun, simplified Chinese. A star that is the center of a planetary system. Please find below many ways to say sun in different languages. Aditya (son of Aditi- Kashyapa Sage's Wife) This group is dedicated to beautiful photos of sunrises, sunsets and anything sun.

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